A beginner’s guide to writing an essay

One vital aspect of a student’s high school and college has been writing essays. And because of the absence of creativity in their writing aptitudes and overlooking minor subtleties, students find it quite tough to compose an essay. 

Generally, the entire essay consists of a paragraph for an introduction, a statement (thesis), body paragraphs, and a closing section. Most of the students have no idea what they should include in each part, particularly the body and end. Fortunately for you, writing can be learned easily. 

If you are thinking about how to write my college essay? and wondering where to start from, the following post will help you to discover the best tips and tricks to write a quality essay and improve you as a writer. 

So, what are the writing tips?

We, as a whole, know how a significant part of the final grade consists of writing. If you have the skill to write and enjoy writing essays, then nothing should worry you.

However, if you find it quite scary to write an essay (or even the thought of writing it makes you terrified!), then it can be somewhat of an issue. 

Therefore, to make your writing enjoyable and easy, the following are a few tips: 


One essential prerequisite for writing is reading because to write; your knowledge should be sufficient enough.

You need to know about and possess different writing styles and abilities to write different types of essays. For this, reading is an absolute necessity, as this will certainly assist in building great writing abilities within you. It lets you to get acquainted with the different styles, genres, and forms of writing. 

It always helps you to present your argument in a better way if you are an enthusiastic reader. 


Each individual has different thinking. If you have chosen a topic to “write my essay,” each individual will have a different viewpoint on that specific topic. Utilize your perspective as opposed to following somebody else’s point of view. 

If you have your thoughts in writing and follow that, it will help you make noteworthy and draw in content. 


Presumably, one of the main writing tips is using the right syntax/grammar. Go through the guidelines of grammar again to improve it and stay away from using incorrect tense, type of action words/verbs, accentuation, sentence structure, and other terms of grammar. 

Although there is MS Word for your help, still avoid depending on the “spell and language structure check” and do your own research. 


The vocabulary for writers is valuable as it causes them to state what they truly mean. With the correct words, you can convey your ideas, meanings, and significance effectively to your readers. 

It’s imperative to choose the vocabulary according to your academic level. A student from secondary school using too complex words and expressions might let you feel that the copy is plagiarized. Go through thesaurus and dictionary regularly for increasing your vocabulary. 

Right Spellings: 

One of the basic components of writing is to use appropriate spellings. You’ll find several words, and it’s very tough to know each of them’ spellings. So, what’s the solution? Find out newer words and keep their spellings in mind. 

If your essay contains many spelling mistakes, then your reader will lose interest in reading it. The spell-checkers are good tools to avoid spelling errors yet don’t entirely depend on them; use a dictionary for better results. 

Long Sentences must be avoided:

Short and simple sentences will always keep your audience engaged. There is a higher possibility of grammatical errors with unusually long sentences. Therefore, always use short sentences and relevant information. 

Don’t input unnecessary data: 

Do not befuddle your reader with excessive and unnecessary information. Remember your topic and write something relevant. You should always start a sentence related to the topic and then take it on from there. Your thesis should be supported with strong proof. 

Keep in mind; quality shouldn’t be compromised for quantity. Ensure you don’t move away from your topic to fulfill the word count. Remember, you can still make an essay longer, even without adding superfluous subtleties. 

Adhere to the Guidelines: 

Carefully go through the questions. Check the words utilized in the question. Words like contrast, identify, clarify, analyze will help you in writing the appropriate response.  

While writing an essay, the type of question will guide you regarding the type of essay you’ll need to compose. If the purpose of your essay is to convince your readers, then your answers should be written in a way that it makes your readers trust you. 

A similar technique applies to various kinds of essays, such as the descriptive ones, circumstances and logical results, compare and contrast, and narrative essay. It’s important to know about the different structures and following the ones suitable for the type of essay you are writing. 

Avoid spinning tools:

A few students use some spinning websites for changing the words within a paragraph. However, this might help you fulfill your word limit but is never the right way to write (it’s illegal, to say the least!). You can’t fool your teachers by using spinning tools to rewrite someone else’s essay as your created one!


The meaning of plagiarism is to utilize someone else’s work and make it look like your own. Also, copying an essay implies getting an ‘F’ grade for a student and a potential admonition. 

There are a few different apparatuses and sites that permit students and experts to check plagiarism for free. Essays incorporate a great deal of data. To be certain, there is nothing copied (plagiarized) in it; proofread thoroughly before you submit. 

Reading a text and writing it entirely in our own words is the key to avoid plagiarism. 


Review Your Essay: 

Once you are done with “write my essay for me,” proofreading is the next thing to do. Ensure you have adhered to all the guidelines in the question that your teacher asked you to follow. We commit several errors while writing and proofreading allows you to get rid of all those. 

Do a plagiarism check of your work. Keep in mind, never ever a good writer copies from others’ work. Make sure your essay always expresses your viewpoint on that specific topic. Follow the fundamental structure of the essay and add important information.

This way, you can always structure an intriguing essay for your readers. Good Luck!